'It is a wonderful country... magnificent... there is no other place I know that is as valid in me as this one you see. The colours especially, they are primordial colours."
Cesare Pavese

The town of Maratea borders to the north with the municipalities of Sapri in Campania and Rivello, and to the south with Tortora in Calabria. Maratea is the only municipality in the province to be washed by the sea and the only one in Basilicata to overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea. The coast is home to coves, rocks, inlets and pebble beaches, while inland there is a large number of caves (there are about 130) rich in stalactites and stalagmites. Also part of Maratea is the small islet of Santo Janni (so called because of the presence of a chapel dedicated to St. John) under whose depths a vast underwater archaeological area is hidden. From an urbanistic point of view, the nine hamlets of the city are spread over two areas: the ancient one, or rather the Castello area (where the ancient fortifications stood) located on the summit of Mount San Biagio, and the modern area, also called the 'Borgo', which extends along the coast. Each hamlet has a particularity to discover and will offer the traveller authentic and unforgettable experiences.

Among the many experiences that Maratea offers travellers, natural and cultural ones stand out. In Maratea, one can relax on the beaches (among the most popular are the Fiumicello beach and the Nera beach) or stroll through the town centre to discover the most important points of interest such as Palazzo de Lieto or the 18th-century Sirena fountain, but it is also possible to engage in more adventurous activities, such as venturing to the ruins of Maratea Vecchia. The ruins bear witness to the previous, now abandoned settlement and have the appearance of a mysterious and evocative ghost town. Not to be missed is a visit to Monte San Biagio, a favourite destination for trekking lovers and 'home' to Christ the Redeemer, a colossal sculpture that dominates the town from above. Finally, those who wish to plunge into the depths of the territory can visit the Caves of Wonders in Marina di Maratea. Here it will be possible to admire the suggestive underground spectacle of stalactites and stalagmites, accompanied by expert guides who will tell you the history of these unmissable places.

The flavours of Maratea will surprise you with every dish. One of the simplest and most popular dishes is baccalà alla lucana, accompanied by browned peppers and seasoned, according to taste, with a good dose of spiciness. Then there is the capitone allo spiedo (spit-roasted eel), with its intense flavour, a dish found in several towns in Basilicata. Another dish not to be missed is the parmigiana alla marateota, made with fried aubergines, hard-boiled eggs, sausage and tomato: perfect for filling up on energy and flavour. Lighter and more delicate, on the other hand, are the spaghetti di Maratea, dressed with a sauce made from peeled tomatoes, garlic and oil. While an enveloping dish with a peasant echo is fava bean and chicory soup, eaten especially during the winter season throughout the Basilicata region. Orecchiette alla maritata Moving on to first courses, it is impossible to avoid mentioning orecchiette, prepared with boiled turnip tops and maccheroni al ferro. You heat oil with garlic, chilli pepper and anchovies; then fry and drain the pasta with turnip tops, serving it in a soup tureen with some bread croutons. Vinaigrette Also worth mentioning is the vinaigrette, which consists of wine vinegar, oil, salt, pepper, sugar and mixed herbs. The preparation is quite simple: just dissolve the salt in the vinegar and then add the other ingredients. Vinaigrette is used in Maratea to dress any kind of salad.

One of the most enthralling events that take place in Maratea are the festivities in honour of San Biagio, during the second week of May: on this occasion, a large procession carries the saint's relics and statue along the streets, amidst devotees and faithful reciting prayers and religious songs. During the summer months, on the other hand, initiatives and events find their place in a rich calendar of events called 'Maratea Scena', which changes and is renewed every year and is the longest festival in Italy. One of the most famous events on this agenda is the 'Giornate del Cinema Lucano' (Lucanian Film Days), in July: this is a film festival aimed at enhancing the Lucanian territory, with the participation of famous national and international personalities.

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