A journey into the archaic and the contemporary

In the villages you can share the table, the preparation and processing of agricultural products, rediscover places of worship, meet welcoming glances in the squares and alleys. Hospitality in family-run accommodations or in widespread hotels is an immersion in the lifestyle of the inner south, one in which the scents, environments and daily rhythms regenerate mind and body.

For those who wish to experience the productive hearts of the south, the cities and historic centres are privileged places in which to experience its swiftest pace. Open-air museums in which works by great artists decorate the city streets, castles that become places of art, 19th-century churches and Baroque basilicas in which to read about the South's grandiose past. Cities with an ancient heart projected into the future.

Sicily / Calabria / Basilicata / Apulia / Campania / Sicily / Calabria / Basilicata / Apulia / Campania /
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