Is it safe to buy online?

Lovesouthitaly (LSI) uses SSL technology, which guarantees the security of an Internet connection and protects data exchanged between two systems by preventing any attempt to read or modify the information transferred. Encryption makes sensitive customer information indecipherable. When booking your holiday, you can count on Support at all times to provide all the assistance you need. Our operators will be happy to help you with any information and/or advice on facilities, offers and destinations. Quality of service and user protection is extremely important to us. You can contact us via various channels (live chat, Facebook Messenger, email, whatsapp, via telephone).

How can I check the availability of tours & packages?

You can check availability online at www.lovesouthitaly.it or by calling +39 0981 786318. When registering on the site we will ask you to enter your personal data. If you decide to subscribe to the newsletter we will keep you up to date with news and information about destinations and offers.

What is included in the packages/tours?

Our offers include transport, overnight stays, and ancillary and non-accessory services (catering, guided tours, excursions, etc.). To request additional information, which is not on the website, please contact us by phone, email or Facebook Messenger.

Can children participate in trips?

Certainly. After selecting a package or tour, the services provided for children are indicated by the facility or according to the activity chosen.

Is it possible to extend the holiday?

Yes, subject to checking the availability of rooms at the selected facility or equivalent facilities. For activities and services, the above applies.

Can I request a quote/confirmation by telephone?

Yes, we are available to you on +39 0981 786318 (in addition to the channels listed above), operating Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays we are available on Whatsapp (Also on 0981 786318) and Facebook messenger.
You can also write to us at booking@lovesouthitaly.it

Do I have to register with the site?

No, you can contact us by phone for a free consultation. However, in order to take advantage of the services offered by LSI, registration is required.

What is the Tours & Packages section?

The tours & packages section contains LSI proposals that can be booked directly online or by contacting our operators.

Can we also leave as a group?

Yes, just indicate the number of persons when booking your trip. In case of lack of availability please contact us on 0981 786318.
For the organisation of a large group, however, we recommend that you contact us by telephone in order to best meet your requirements.

Can the tariff change during purchase?

The price may change depending on the number of people joining your group if you are booking a tour and/or package. During the purchase process you will always find the updated price indicated on the right-hand side of the card, except for possible fuel adjustments, in case a transfer is presentwhich will be communicated to you within 21 days of your departure date.

If a person is intolerant to certain foods, to whom should he or she report this?

You can communicate this to us via your preferred channel. It will be the task of Memo Tour Operator to report any intolerances to the accommodation and/or catering facilities.

Do you accept animals at the facilities you operate with?

It depends on the availability of the chosen accommodation.

How does the delivery of travel documents take place?

You will receive the documents by e-mail within 72 hours after the operator has handled the transaction. Please contact Support if you do not receive them within this period.

If I change my mind after making the purchase, can I change it?

Yes. We refer you to General Terms and Conditions of Sale to find an exhaustive list of the methods used for traditional purchases (they also apply to web purchases). Should you wish to change your departure, please contact Customer Service for all necessary information.

I made a mistake when entering my personal data. What do I do?

Contact us via the channels listed above or by e-mail via booking@lovesouthitaly.it

I cannot find the information I need, who can I ask?

Contact us by phone or email via booking@loveosuthitaly.it

Which credit cards can I use?

LSI uses the major international payment circuits (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, PayPal).

How can I receive your best offers by e-mail?

You can subscribe to our newsletter, just enter your e-mail address and give your consent to data processing.

How does the Availability form (present on the accommodation pages) work?

Sending a booking request is not binding and is purely informative. It will be the owner of the property who will confirm whether or not the rooms are available on the dates indicated.

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