Aquatrekking in the Pollino Park

The beauty of the river environments of the Pollino National Park can be discovered in a completely new and engaging way with Infopollino Centro Escursioni - in Viggianello (PZ), which organises the evocative activity of aquatrekking (registered trademark deposited at the UIBM).
Specifically, we are talking about a particular type of trekking to be practised directly in the waters of the Mercure river, with special suits similar to waders, and attached boots to insulate the body and promote balance. This is a new way of experiencing and exploring river nature, among the most suggestive torrents of the Pollino National Park, in full respect of the river flora and fauna.

You don't have to be an expert in hiking to enjoy aquatrekking, as it is an activity suitable for people of all ages: the "The 'Easy Route', in fact, includes a 1.5 km route, and is particularly suitable for families with children, who will be able to enjoy the scenery of the Mercure River in total relaxation and safety accompanied by experienced and professional guides.

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