Rafting Canyon


The Rafting Canyon experience, in Laino Borgo (CS), involves an evocative and adventurous rafting descent through the Lao River Gorge, in the heart of the Pollino National Park. The excursion is carried out in the company of professional guides and begins at the foot of the village of Laino Borgo.

After an introductory briefing, the descent down the river will begin. The first section of the river is about 2 km long and will lead to the mouth of the gorge, which will be crossed entirely over a distance of 14 km. On the way, you will be able to enjoy a unique natural spectacle, characterised by high cliffs and springs that pour into the river, creating beautiful waterfalls, the most fascinating of which is the Malomo waterfall, which you will be able to admire up close.

In some places, the natural course of the river does not allow the passage of rafts, for this, some short and adventurous crossings. Passing through the gorge, in the last few kilometres of the route, one can witness an interesting change in the naturalistic scenery: the rocky walls lower, giving way to small beaches full of dense vegetation that will gently unfold until the disembarkation, from which the vehicles will take us back to the base. No particular athletic training is required to perform the Rafting Canyon activity, but it is necessary to
have no injuries or pathologies for which sporting activity may entail a risk.

Participants should bring: shoes that can be wet, swimming costume, short-sleeved T-shirt (long-sleeved in cold weather), Bermuda shorts, shower equipment, towel or bathrobe.
Technical equipment will be provided by the facility.

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