Bread Day


The Bread Day, an initiative promoted and organised by the Asfalantea association in Zungri (VV), is an experience that will transport you to a distant time of ancient traditions and genuine flavours.

Thanks to this activity, you will discover all the secrets on how to make bread baked in a wood-fired oven, which you will knead and bake in person, guided by the 'Cumari'Asfalantea' who, just like the housewives of yesteryear, still make bread today, scrupulously respecting the times and ancient methods of production to obtain a product with an unmistakable flavour and fragrance.

The Bread Day takes place in the picturesque Raìsina district in Zungri, a rural place surrounded by nature. The activity begins with bread-making, which is carried out by the housewives according to the ancient procedure and with the use of a mother yeast handed down from family to family for more than 80 years.

The participants, wearing a handkerchief and apron, will have the opportunity to take part in all stages of bread making and preparation, learning about and using all the necessary tools.

Once the bread has been kneaded and left to rise, there will be an optional visit to the Rock Settlement of the Zungri Caves.
and, below the ancient complex, the impressive panoramic view of the Malopera Valley of the Poro environmental complex.

The Asfalantea Community provides all activities of
reception and educational demonstration of the typical workings of peasant culture.



. Arrival 09:00/09:15 at the Raìsina locality, headquarters of the Asfalantea Association;
. Educational demonstration of the various stages of bread-making with the participation of visitors;
. Rich tasting of local 'zero kilometre' products;
. Excursions1:
(1) Rock Caves of Zungri (City of Stone) with its Museum of Rural Civilisation;
(2) Visit the Portals, paintings by local artists located in the small historic village;
(3) Exhibition of sculptures and paintings by Maestro Michele Zappino, artist and sculptor from Zungri;
. Return to the locality of Raìsina and watch the bread being baked, with a taste of the 'pitta' bread from the oven;
. Zero-kilometre' 'country-style flavours' banquet;
. Entertainment accompanied by songs, 'cunti' (tales) and native dances (a tarantella calabrisi);
. Expected return at 17:00/17:30;

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