Aliano (MT) is a small village surrounded by gullies, to be discovered slowly, approaching its ancient and evocative history. Known above all for having hosted the writer Carlo Levi, who lived here his years of confinement and later chose to be buried, this town has about nine hundred inhabitants and is the place where the work 'Christ Stopped at Eboli' is set.



A small balcony among the rocks overlooking the sea, a tangle of narrow streets and stairs that climb and mingle with one another, a continuous surprise of enchanting views and visions. This is Atrani, a small village on the Amalfi Coast, one of the most beautiful in Italy, an absolute must on your trip to Campania.


Bari welcomes the visitor with its history rich in tradition and folklore. The large port, the seafront and the historic centre where ancient trades still live are the bulwarks of a proud identity that survives through the centuries and allows itself to be discovered by those willing to explore it carefully and with care.


Benevento is a great little universe with millennial roots in which art, culture, history and traditions intertwine and become one in the wonderful setting of Sannio. Far from the routes of mass tourism in Campania and immersed in a silent and solemn atmosphere, this city with all its surrounding villages is a continuous surprise that deserves to be discovered slowly and thoroughly.


The village of Bova, among the most beautiful in Italy, represents the heart of the Grecanica area, the geographical area located in the extreme south of Calabria where Ancient Greek is still spoken, the language of the Hellenic peoples who, in the Magna-Greek era, came to the Calabrian coast to settle permanently.

The Grecian area is also called Bovesìa, precisely because it sees in the centre of Bova the main stronghold of the ancient koinè.

The name Bova, too, is shrouded in a legendary story according to which an Armenian queen led her people to Mount Vuà, which corresponds to today's town area, a Greek name that refers to the ox.


Stone streets, ancient palazzos, picturesque arches that chase each other through the town's ancient core and a lot of history: these are the elements that make the village of Castelbuono (PA) a small pearl to be discovered slowly, letting yourself be captured by its rich heritage, which fills every corner of the town with surprises.

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