The Basilian Way, 44 stages to discover Calabria

A long route of 955 kilometres divided into 44 convenient stages to lead the visitor straight to the heart of the most authentic Calabria. Among cliff-top paths, ancient villages, Greek and Albanian language minorities, art, history and faith of one of the most fascinating regions of the South. After 14 years of study and 8 months of work, the Basilian Way starting with Rocca Imperialeat the northernmost tip of the region, accompanies the traveller to Reggio Calabriathe toe of the boot.

A route in which each stage is designed to be tackled in a day's trekking that, like the more famous Camino de Santiago, will allow you to touch the thousand faces of a land that is truly worth touring far and wide.

At the end of each stage (there is also an extended version that envisages 56 days of walking) castles, monasteries, bed and breakfasts and scattered hotels will be ready to welcome the traveller who has chosen to experience the rhythm of the communities touched by the itinerary. Soon the GPS track of the Basilian Way will be downloadable and consultable through a website that will allow the traveller to learn more about each stage and to have more information on the facilities where it will be possible to find board and lodging. This was announced by the project leader, Carmine Lupiaformer director of the Valli Cupe.

The starting point of the Calabrian itinerary is Rocca Imperiale, the charming medieval town overlooking the Ionian Sea and known for the cultivation of the Igp lemon, and it winds along the ridge involving the municipalities of Canna, Nucara, Santa Maria degli Antropici, Oriolo, Alessandria del Carretto, Cerchiara Calabra and the mountain hermitage of Santa Maria delle Armi to the village of Civitain the heart of the Pollino National Park and the Raganello Gorge nature reserve. From there we continue via Cassano at Jonio, Terranova da Sibari, Corigliano Rossano, Paludi, Longobucco, Ortiano and Bocchigliero.

Bellthe next stop, they will be able to admire live the Giants of Invallicata, megaliths that have the unmistakable shapes of an elephant and a warrior. From there we enter the heart of the most unspoilt Sila with stops in the municipalities of Umbriatico, Verzino, Savelli, Castel Silano, San Giovanni in Fiorein the area of Lake Ampollino, Mount Gariglione and in Buturo. The march through the nature of Calabria will then continue through Sersale, Sellia Superiore, Zagarise, Catanzaro, Tiriolo, San Floro and Squillacenot too far from the enchanting Costa degli Aranci, which has nothing to envy from tropical destinations.

The Basilian Way will stop, again, in San Vito allo Jonio, Cardinale, Serra San Bruno, Ferdinandea, Bivongi, Stilo, Pazzano, Caulonia, Mammola, Martone, Gioiosa and Gerace. In the standard variant you go from Ardore, Bovalino Superiore, Casignana, Samo, Africo, Gallicianò, Condofuri Superiore, Santuario delle Cappelle, San Lorenzo, Bagaladi and through the picturesque hamlet of Pentedattilowith its decidedly atypical conformation, in the municipality of Melito Porto Salvo. The last three days of the Basilian Way will be dedicated, respectively, to Fortezza San Niceto, Motta San Giovanni and Reggio Calabria.

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