Quattrocieli Winery

Cantina Quattrocieli is a young Sicilian company, founded with the aim of producing excellent, fresh and genuine wine, in perfect balance between modernity and tradition. The wines are anchored in the values handed down by the family, which for generations, armed with passion and a deep respect for the land, has produced grapes of the highest quality.
The wines produced by the winery are made following a strictly organic regime, selecting the native grape varieties that best express and adapt to the terroir. Attention to detail and the use of only indigenous yeasts allow the creation of authentic wines with the colours, notes and aromas that most evoke Sicily. Moreover, all wines are made by refusing the use of pesticides, artificial fertilisers and herbicides.

Wine for Cantina Quattrocieli represents, above all, conviviality and hospitality, which is why the winery happily opens the doors of its cellar to all those who want to discover its history and explore first-hand how the wines are produced. All guests are offered the chance to immerse themselves in a unique place and become winemakers for a day.


Experiential activities at the Qattrocieli Winery

Through a series of activities, the winery allows visitors to discover the enchantment and magic hidden in Sicilian wines through the following experiences:


Visit of the winery, narration of the company's history, explanation of the main winemaking processes also by video, with a special focus on the processes that are in progress during the visit

Sensory tasting of 3 estate wines

Taste of local cold meats and cheeses and bruschetta

- Bottling, corking and labelling a bottle of their favourite wine during the tasting. the guest will have the opportunity to personalise the label with their name and the date of the visit, so that they will have an indelible memory of their visit to the winery.



- Visit of the winery, telling the company's story

Tasting of 3 wines

- A picnic basket with local delicacies (typical cured meats and cheeses, vegetable couscous, cunsato bread, caponata, seasonal fruit) to enjoy a regenerating picnic and admire a splendid panorama.



Florio Cellars

Fondate nel 1833 da Vincenzo Florio, le Cantine Florio di Marsala accolgono il visitatore all’interno di ambienti unici, che offrono un nuovo modo di concepire gli spazi della Cantina: non più solo un luogo in cui vengono prodotti Marsala, ma uno spazio che si apre al visitatore comunicando la cultura e la storia del territorio.

The guided tour inside the Florio Cellars is a journey that begins in front of the majestic giant vats, built at the end of the 19th century and still used to age marsala, and continues inside the three fascinating 165-metre-long barrel cellars, interspersed with 104 arches, under which 1,400 barrels and about 600 casks and vats of various capacities are lined up, in which about 5,500,000 litres of marsala are stored in silence and stillness. After a thirty-minute tour through the barrel cellars, where the ancient tufa floor has been restored, visitors enter the state-of-the-art Donna Franca and Duca Enrico tasting rooms. Here, visitors are welcomed by innovative spaces, where the tasting of Corvo, Duca di Salaparuta and Florio wines is transformed into an evocative experience, thanks also to the pairing with a careful selection of typical dishes.

Entirely overlooking the sea, the Terrazza Florio is an exclusive space that offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the splendid Sicilian sunsets while tasting Duca Di Salaparuta, Corvo and Florio wines in extreme relaxation. The perfect location for organising events, leisure and business, wine tastings or exclusive evenings, the Terrazza Florio offers you the possibility of transforming every occasion into a unique and unforgettable moment, thanks to a breathtaking panorama and all-round service.

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