Agritourism Colloreto

Unspoilt landscapes and traditional cuisine come together at the Agriturismo Colloreto to create a small jewel in the Pollino National Park. You can reach the facility by exiting the A3 motorway (Morano Calabro exit), and following the signs that will lead you nimbly, through a small wood, to the Agriturismo, nestled in the green of the National Park.
This location offers all its visitors a relaxing stay, whether for a few hours (perhaps for a family lunch), or for longer, giving guests a unique experience.
Each room is unique, from single to family mini-apartments.
The friendly staff will lead you through a tasting tour of the fine cuisine of the unspoilt area where the Monastery of Colloreto once flourished.
For anyone who wants to taste the dishes, expert hands will prepare the best traditional recipes, using the farm's seasonal products, expertly grown in the vegetable gardens or raised in the pastures.

Hotel Merùo

If you too have entered this page, it is because you are probably wondering: - But what is this place called? 'Meru'? Meri? Machiiiii?

My name is Merùo with an accent on the u, and now, dear reader, you keep asking yourself: what does it mean? You may be enchanted or simply disappointed by its meaning, agree or argue, after all it takes its cue from a supposition on the origin of the place name Morano, made by Gaetano Scorza, who makes it derive from the Greek verb 'merùo' = to gather together, due to the position of the houses piled one on top of the other.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations, it is better to specify that this is only a theory, in the Greek language there is no mention of it except in Theocritus with the meaning of 'abbarbic'.

As you will have realised, should you continue reading, you will find yourself in front of a 4-star hotel that even from its name I would describe as 'a little bit special', just as special and strategic is my location clingon a hill.

Those who have passed through here claim that I have been taken care of down to the smallest detail, but the truth is that I have been made in a seesaw of feelings and paradoxically I believe that this is precisely my charm, because Merùo (I repeat for mnemonic training) is not just rooms, 13 to be precise, but emotion.

All you have to do is look, peer, open and connect (without having a password) and everything speaks to you. I admit it may sound a bit creepy, but that's what makes me, pardon my ego, an art breath, I would almost say a museum, where the main function of the overnight stay is added to that of the detailed and meticulous narration of each painting or object created.

This is my essence, the essence of Meruò, the ensemble of all souls who have given unconditionally, often sacrificing their time and offering it as a gift to share with the world, the world that casually or voluntarily enters these walls.

And if today, the more daring ones who stopped by, confirmed, to my amazement, that they had indeed perceived a sense of welcome, we can say that the name, albeit in its difficulties, has hit its target: to gather together, to welcome!

Hotel Restaurant Villa San Domenico

The Hotel Restaurant Villa San Domenico is located in the heart of the historical centre of Morano Calabro, in an 18th century mansion at the foot of the Pollino Massif. The elegant structure, equipped with a convenient indoor guarded car park, is just a few metres from the San Bernardino monastery complex and the Collegiata della Maddalena and offers comfortable accommodation in rooms and suites. It also has a large garden with century-old trees, an ideal place for breakfast in the open air and for pleasant walks. The cuisine that guests will savour is a genuine and refined discovery of the flavours of the past, combining dishes based on typical ingredients with excellent local wines that originate from ancient vines.

La Locanda del Parco

In the heart of the Pollino National Park, within the municipality of Morano Calabro 'One of the most beautiful villages in Italy' as well as TCI 'Orange Flag', stands 'La Locanda del Parco': a family-run agritourism company, which wishes to enhance the territory on a daily basis thanks to accurate work and driven by love for its land.

The Locanda del Parco, crossed by the Ciclovia dei Parchi route, is the ideal place for those who wish to immerse themselves in an intact and authentic nature rich in history and traditions, to be discovered thanks to leisure activities that will make their stay pleasant and unforgettable.

The cuisine you will be able to taste is typical of the Pollino, the daughter of the ancient peasant tradition and the result of careful research aimed at recovering the flavours of the past.

Staying at the Locanda del Parco: Agriturismo, Dependances and B&B
The Locanda del Parco has spacious and comfortable rooms and suites in agritourismall with private bathroom, are tastefully furnished in the old country tradition. The outbuildingsThe farmhouses, on the other hand, have been skilfully renovated and equipped with a kitchenette and are immersed in the green countryside with a beautiful view of the Pollino mountain range. Alternatively, it is possible to opt for a stay in The 'Lady's Vineyard' B&B  located in the heart of the historical centre, inside a magnificent and charming period building.

Activities in and around Agritourism
The Locanda del Parco is an inexhaustible mine of activities, naturalistic and scientific observations, arts and popular traditions such as soap making or the working of clay from Sibari and Rossano. Horse-riding enthusiasts can take advantage of the nearby stables, just 5 minutes away, to learn the basics of everything related to managing a horse, learning how to care for it, feed it properly, learn its basic anatomy, and experience moments of sharing surrounded by nature. On weekends, it is possible to retrace the old transhumance route, in places once infested by brigands.

It is also possible to practice in the vicinity of the facility:

Wind surfing - Water skiing - Climbing - Archery - Mountain biking - BTT - Hiking - Trekking - Trail grooming - Rafting - Canyoning - Canoeing - Nordic walking - Health trail.

In addition, to fully immerse themselves in local gastronomy and traditions, all guests can take part in cooking classes to prepare typical dishes, or engage in ricotta and cheese making, accompanied by wine tastings to the rhythm of popular music.

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