Canyoning is an activity that consists of crossing, on foot, the course of torrents that flow along rocky creeks and channels. The activity represents the perfect combination of mountain and water activities and is carried out with a harness, ropes and specific equipment.

The canyoning activity takes place in Laino Borgo (CS), along the Torrente Jannello, in the Pollino National Park. The route has a medium level of difficulty, so it is suitable for a wide audience. After donning the wetsuits and harnesses, an introductory briefing will follow in which all the indications for undertaking the route in complete safety will be provided. Along the way, we will be accompanied by specialised guides, who will show us how to traverse the route correctly. During the canyoning adventure we will follow the movements of the stream, alternating between stretches in walking, water slides, diving and abseiling with ropes. We will encounter a series of fun waterfalls to rappel down and small lakes and pools of crystal-clear water, all surrounded by lush vegetation that will make this excursion an adrenalin-pumping experience. No special athletic training is required to perform the Rafting Canyon activity, but it is necessary to
have no injuries or pathologies for which sporting activity may entail a risk.

Participants should bring: hiking shoes or similar, swimming costume, short-sleeved T-shirt (long-sleeved in the case of cold weather), shower equipment, towel or bathrobe.
Technical equipment will be provided by the facility.

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