The Goats


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Just as the ancient combers 'le capere' used to take information from house to house, the association tells attentive and curious ears, stories, traditions and culture of Naples and Campania!

The members of 'Le Capere' are qualified professional guides and set themselves the goal of accompanying visitors to discover the most beautiful and evocative places in Campania, through artistic, archaeological, food and wine and naturalistic tours realised with the utmost attention to quality and detail, making use of their vast and valid experience 'in the field'.

To intrigue visitors and guide them through the secrets and curiosities of Campania is a real mission:
even the 'goats' were not simply 'inciucesse', women ready to unveil the secrets of others, but they were first and foremost workers, hairdressers who went from a low to a high floor, from a commoner to a rich matron, ready to satisfy and entertain their customers with curiosities and legends.

The association, in its project to enhance the Campania region, offers guided tours for groups of travellers and for school classes of all levels. Each visit can also be customised with real travel experiences!

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