Urban trekking, an alternative way to explore the city

More and more often we hear people talk about urban trekking or urban hike, a term that combines the exploratory and adventurous component with the city dimension. But what exactly is urban trekking and how is it practised?

To answer this question, we have to take a step back and go back to a few decades ago, when travel arrangements were rather standardised and the activities to be practised during holidays and out-of-town trips fell into a rather narrow and well-classified set.
Travel was considered almost a luxury, or at least a special occasion, and destinations included in the most popular and famous tourist circuits were preferred. With the passage of time and thanks to changes in the economy and society, travelling has become easier and more accessible, new travel desires have arisen among the general public and destinations never before considered have been introduced in tours and package tours in order to meet the expectations of every type of traveller.

In this scenario, we find urban trekking, which presents itself as an alternative way of visiting, getting to know and experiencing an urban centre, going beyond the classic concept of a guided tour and enriching it with an adventurous and dynamic vein.

When we talk about Urban Trekking

Urban trekking is therefore a walking tour of the city in which the sense of discovery, exploration and wonder play a fundamental role, and widenings, hidden viewpoints and side streets become pleasant detours to the route that leads to the best known places. Urban trekking is an exploration of the territory practised without qualms or prejudices, with the awareness that getting to know a city, a village or a town also means losing oneself in its most remote places, to be traversed with energy and vitality just as one does during nature trekking excursions.

This activity, being very particular (and relatively young, since it was officially born in Siena in 2003) is not suitable for everyone, so many prefer to do it alone or in small groups, naturally always equipped with comfortable shoes and ergonomic backpacks.
The city map?
Useful to keep in your pocket, but to consult as little as possible to make the experience even more exciting!

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