Casal Dragone - Winery

Casal Dragone is a historic winery located in Contrada Pietrapenta, not far from the city of Matera.

Founded as a family-run business, it made its first wine label in 1955, thanks to the product of the vines grown on the land in Contrada Pietrapenta. Over the years, the wine production of the Matera hills was joined by that of another thirty-five hectares of land, followed by the opening of a new sales outlet in Via Olivetti.

Over time, the old family cottage has been transformed into an agritourism facility that has elegantly preserved its rustic appearance. Here you can immerse yourself in the history and flavours of the area and in the traditions of a family proudly handed down for five generations. At present, the Casal Dragone agritourism is a wine-growing company, with seven hectares of land dedicated to the cultivation of vines, pulses and the raw materials needed to produce the dishes served in the restaurant.

But the peculiarities of this place do not end here: inside the Company, in fact, it is possible to visit the Crypt of Original Sin, an ancient rock church with a suggestive and rich cycle of frescoes, depicting episodes from the Old Testament taken from Genesis and embellished with flowers and other decorative elements.

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